Electric vehicle fleet
Make your fleet fit for the future

More and more companies decide to integrate e-vehicles into their fleets. In addition to the sustainability aspect, there are also tax advantages and lower operating costs that speak in favor of electric cars from a company perspective. We help you electrify your fleet. 

Checklist for integrating e-vehicles into your fleet

The questions below can guide you in making the right choice:          

  • What type of vehicles does you current your fleet have? Do you rather need city cars or high-performance commercial vehicles? After researching which models are available in an electric version, select the right model.  
  • Is it worth replacing part of the existing fleet, which has already reached a certain age or mileage, with an electric model?  
  • Do you want to integrate electric cars into the fleet for sustainability and / or cost reasons?
  • What is the mobility requirement in your company? A comprehensive analysis, in which we can offer support, gives you the appropriate decision-making basis for future vehicle purchases.
  • How does the usage timeline of your current vehicles look like? Are there fixed idle times at which the vehicles can be charged?     
  • Which employees use company cars and for what purpose? How many locations does your company have - do employees have to commute between several locations?

Benefits of electric vehicles for your fleet


  • Sustainable image

  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Environmentally friendly

low cost

  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • State subsidies (ecoTicket)


  • Motor-related vehicle tax does not apply for full electric cars and for plug-in hybrid cars the tax is 50% deducted

e-mobility in all its facets

Not all electric cars are the same. For each business field and for every vehicle fleet, we offer tailored solutions. Each brand of the VW Group offers relevant options in terms of brands and models adapted to your business.

Find your best fit - easy, convenient, online with just a few clicks.

e-mobility from the financing perspective our offer

  • individual e-mobility solutions for your business
  • from financing products to charging infrastructure - everything from a single source  
  • product mix (financing, insurance, service, replacement vehicles, etc.) for all types of fuel
  • information related to CO2 savings  
  • wide range of electric models  
  • advice on subsidies and legal framework

New promotions

e2go: the complete range of e-cars at your price advantage

We have created special promotions for electric vehicles. We have gathered under the e2go brand the advantages you have when purchasing such a vehicle through Porsche Finance Group: from financing, insurance, service packages to promotions adapted to each type of vehicle.

For more details, see our offer here.

MOON Financing financing solutions adapted to the products offered by MOON POWER

  • Where are the vehicles charged?
  • Which vehicles have priority when charging?
  • Where are there public charging options?
  • How can you build your own charging infrastructure?
  • Where does the electricity come from? How do I buy electricity at a better cost?

These questions are essential if you decide to add electric vehicles to your fleet. And MOON experts can help you.


MOON charging solutions:

  • innovative  
  • simple and convenient operation  
  • can be combined with photovoltaic systems

Details  here.

From MOON to the garage

First-hand charging infrastructure

MOON  is the expert for sustainable, intelligent and data-driven energy solutions. Our cooperation partner offers fast and safe charging - perfect for entering the world of e-mobility. You get everything first-hand: from the wallbox to quick charging stations or photovoltaic systems with storage solutions as an energy concept.


This is what makes MOON special: MOON offers the full range of e-mobility related services. 

1. After a detailed individual consultation, the pre-installation check begins. 

2. After the necessary infrastructural preparations, the commissioning follows. 

3. Support and maintenance, billing of charging stations and support with submissions and funding applications complete the offer. 

Of course you can purchase all the charging solutions through financing. More information on financing products adapted to the charging solutions can be found on the dedicated page - MOON Financing.

Do you have any questions regarding e-mobility?

Contact now one of our fleet sales specialists for more details or an offer.

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