Classic Financial Leasing

The shortest way to your dream car.

Classic Financial Leasing parameters

  • the leasing company is the car owner over the contract duration

  • at the end of the contract, you buy the car and become owner

  • you can add mobility services to this financing product


currency RON I EUR
downpayment 15% I 15%
maximum contract duration 72 months
residual value min. 5% max. 20%

Why Classic financial leasing?


  • You have options

Whether you want a Classic financial leasing in RON or EUR, whether you prefer fix or floating interest rates, we offer you the entire product range.

  • Fiscal advantages

The leasing financing allows for VAT deduction. 

  • Property

At the end of the leasing agreement, the property over the car is transfered to you. 

  • No extra worries

We take care of the car registration for you.

Why us

    No hidden costs

    No exchange rate differences

    Management fee applied to the financed volume not to the car price

    The insurance is prepaid by us

    Post-usage billing

Do you have any questions regarding our financial leasing product?

Contact now one of our fleet sales specialists for more details or an offer.