Operate Lease

Provides flexibility to your business.

Operate Lease parameters

  • the car owner is the leasing company

  • the car remains property of the leasing company at the end of contract

  • the product is available exclusively for new cars

contract duration 12 to 54 months
downpayment from 0% depending on bonity check
contract recalculation available after the first 12 months

Why operate lease


  • Pay just what you use

The monthly rent reflects the car depreciation according to usage. The annual mileage and the contract duration have direct influence on the car value.

  • Flexibility

You can choose an increased first instalment, if this aspect benefits you. 

  • Precise budgeting

The fix monthly rent helps avoid unpleasant surprises or exceeded costs.


  • No risk

The car depreciation risk is entirely ours, you focus on your car.

Why us

    You can request an offer at any authorised dealer in the country

    Cost transparency

    Post-usage billing

    Insurance is prepaid by us

Do you have any questions regarding our operate lease product?

Contact now one of our fleet sales specialists for more details or an offer.