Perfectly adapted to your financing needs.


  • the leasing company is the car owner over the entire contract duration; at the end, you can choose ownership, sale or contract prolongation.

  • the product is available exclusively for new cars or for max. 1 year old cars sold by Porsche Romania authorized dealers. 

currency EUR
minimum downpayment 15%
maximum contract duration 60 months
residual value variable*

*variable depending on the model, engine, annual mileage and contract duration



  • Flexibility 

You have multiple choices at the end of the financing contract: you can buy the car by paying the residual value, you can prolongue the contract by refinancing the residual value or you can sell the car and buy a new one.

  • Lower monthly instalments

You pay according to the usage, therefore the instalments are lower.

  • Pay only what you use

The monthly instalments are directly influenced by annual mileage and contract duration and reflect the car usage.


Why us

    No hidden costs

    No exchange rate differences

    Management fee applied to the financed volume not to the car price

    The insurance is prepaid by us

    Post-usage billing

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