Porsche Finance Group Romania is part of Porsche Holding, alongside the importer Porsche Romania and the authorized dealer network.

Porsche Finance Group Romania offers car financing, insurance and fleet management services for the Group brands: Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, SKODA, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Porsche and Das Weltauto.

We offer our customers fast and efficient solutions for the purchase of their desired vehicle, according with the ONE-STOP SHOP concept: direct acquisition at the dealer, leasing or credit financing, car insurance and an effective fleet management.

We are present on the Romanian market since 1999 and we operate through five different legal entities:

  • Porsche Leasing Romania offers car credit and financial leasing for legal entities and private individuals.
  • Porsche Bank Romania is the banking entity within the group.  
  • Porsche Broker de Asigurare completes the range of services with CASCO and MTPL insurance brokerage.  
  • Porsche Mobility was set up to provide corporate customers with fleet management services, operate lease and corporate car sharing solutions.
  • Porsche Asigurari closes the integrated services circle of Porsche Finance Group Romania. The company offers CASCO insurance, valid throughout Europe, for new and used cars financed through leasing or credit through the group's companies - Porsche Leasing, Porsche Mobility or Porsche Bank - or purchased cash.

Porsche Finance Group Romania is the local branch of Porsche Bank AG. As a subsidiary of Porsche Holding, Salzburg-based, Porsche Bank AG is an international company specialized in car financing and insurance. Porsche Holding has over 50 years of experience in car financing and insurance and is part of the Volkswagen Group.