Online damage notification

Now you can notify online the damage. Simple and fast, whenever you have time and wherever you want. All you have to do is to fill out the  form and we will contact you for an appointment to see the damages.

Online damage notification


If you have suffered a minor damage (in the parking area, on the road, damages to the tyres or rims, cracked windscreen), then:

  1. Upload relevant photos of the damage in the dedicated section of the form;

  2. After we have evaluated the documents and photos, we will send you by e-mail: Ascertainment note and Damage declaration completed;

  3. You bring the car directly in service for repairs, not needing the ascertainment made by the damage inspector.



If you have suffered a major damage, then:

  1. Fill in the information requested in the form;
  2. After evaluating the information, we open your damage file and contact you to schedule for ascertainment;
  3. We send you the completed Damage declaration by e-mail;
  4. You meet the damage inspector for the ascertainment and to photograph the car.


What is a minor damage?

The minor damage involves at most 2 damaged body elements, in an event like:

- accidents: hit in the parking, exit in the scenery, auto-accident, damage to the wheels and tires, cracked windscreen


- events such as lost / stolen keys, vandalism.

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What is a major damage?

The major damage involves at least 3 damaged body elements, in an event like:

 - accidents: collision with another vehicle, with a parked vehicle, with a person, with an animal, with an object;

 - natural disasters: landslide, avalanche, earthquake, lightning, hail, flood, cloud break, other types of disasters


 - events such as partial theft, wheel theft, total theft, robbery, fire.

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3 easy steps to follow in case of damage

As an alternative to the online way to report damage, you can follow the 3 simple steps outlined below:

Step 1

Call to:

Info Damage Service - for moving vehicles

Phone: +40 21 203 11 41

             +40 755 067 008

Roadside Assistance Service - for non-removable vehicles

Phone: +40 21 203 11 42

             +40 755 067 002

 Schedule: NonStop

Step 2

We report the damages at the authorized service center.

Step 3

After the repairs are done, you can pick up your car. Porsche Insurance will pay the cost to the service.

*All above mentioned contact details are valid only for Porsche Insurance CASCO customers.

In case your CASCO policy is closed with Generali, Allianz, Omniasig or Uniqa please check their websites.