With our maintenance products you can enjoy driving your cars without any worries! Regardless if you own only a few cars or an entire fleet, we have the ideal package for you! Through our SERVICE, topSERVICEMaintenance PRO and Transparent packages, we offer a tailored answer to our customers' different mobility needs. Consider the following details and choose the right package for your fleet!

Our maintenance products


The SERVICE product covers a clear set of maintenance works over the financing contract duration. 



topSERVICE completes the services included in the basic SERVICE product with additional elements, very useful for customers which drive long distances.

Maintenance PRO

The Maintenance PRO product is the full service maintenance package, which ensures mobility and comfort for your entire fleet at all times. 


With the TRANSPARENT product, the maintenance costs are billed monthly, depending on the operations performed.

Complete your desired maintenance product with additional services, for an easier and more efficient administration of your fleet.


New client?

Our sales team, specialized on the fleet clients segment, is looking forward to meeting and answering all your questions and requests. 


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